What can you see 500 metres near Sweet Sevilla Suites?

Sweet Sevilla barrio de La Encarnación by Lucas Bravo

At Sweet Sevilla Suites, we know that eyes cannot see at first glance all the wonderful landmarks that Seville has to offer. This is by far a city with a lot of history and customs that from the first day will captivate you. 

We are set in the old quarter, and as we are aware of the labyrinthian streets layout that can make you get easily lost, we recommend having enough mobile data to guide you better.  Although, undoubtedly, getting lost in this city is one of those experiences worth having.    

las setas

Very near Sweet Seville Suites, just 200 metres away, you will find the famous Seville Setas, also known as the Metropol Parasol project by the architect Jürgen Mayer. This peculiar work is the world’s biggest wooden structure and houses many interesting activities such as a viewpoint, an antiquarian and a market together with many gastronomic options and rooms for events.   

Of course, at every turn you will see Churches and Chapels since Seville is full of them. In the surrounding area you will enjoy the different architectural styles of many of them such as San Andrés Church, La Anunciación Church, San Pedro Church, Santa Inés Church, Del Salvador Church and Santa Catalina Church, among many others. Clearly, Sevilla is a city with a lot of Christian influence. 


Also, within 400 metres, you will find the “Alameda de Hércules”, the oldest Spanish and European public garden inaugurated in 1574. Here you can have some drinks and tapas with your family and friends. This is an open place that can be enjoyed by people from all ages. 

On Cuna Street, one of the most central and commercial streets, you will find the Condesa de Lebrija Palace, built in the XVI century, which main characteristic is the use of Roman tiled floors. For this reason it is considered “the best surfaced European Palace”. Since 1999 it has been a museum, but halls and patios are also available for events”. 


Finally, over this 500 metres route, you will also be able to enjoy the Las Dueñas Palace, which belongs to the Alba de Tormes noble house and was built in the XV century in a Gothic-Mudejar and Renaissance style. This was also the house where Antonio Machado was born in 1875. This is a house with a lot of history and secrets that will definitely amuse you. 

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