Our Compromise

Sweet Accommodations is a company with a clear responsibility with all the main actors in our environment and society.

We exercise our commitment to create unique travel experiences for our guests, offering them a close and familiar treatment, while doing everything in our power to have a positive impact on our society.

We maintain a philosophy of constant learning to optimize our processes and respond appropriately to today’s complex changes. We assume our role to contribute every day towards the creation of a better world.

With our Employees

The secret to teamwork is for ordinary, imperfect people to achieve perfectly amazing results.

Sweet Accommodations Team

Our team and collaborators are key to offering exceptional service.

Equal Opportunities

Diversity, multiculturalism, sustainability, teamwork and respect form our DNA.

We create safe, healthy, diverse and inclusive work environments. We do not tolerate discrimination. Diversity contributes strategically to our goals.

The Sweet Accommodations culture is eminently practical. The training of our team is On the job. In this way we ensure that we have the basic skills for proper performance in the workplace. We also provide other training resources to accompany the operational and strategic priorities of our company.

With our Guests

We want our guests to live unique travel experiences and receive a familiar and friendly treatment from our entire team.

We are committed to giving the best of ourselves to provide a quality service, always seeking excellence.

We encourage our guests to consume in local stores, encouraging support for small businesses and establishments and enriching their travel experience.

We recommend a series of activities that connect the traveler with the local community and collaborate with providers of activities involved with social impact.

Sweet Accommodations. Ride a bike in Barcelona

With the Environment

Medidas de sostenibilidad en Sweet Accommodations

We care about carrying out practices for the protection of our planet. Some of these measures are:

  • We wash the towels and sheets before the room or apartment is occupied by a new client and when the client indicates it. That way we don’t do it by default every day. Decreasing the footprint that chemicals leave in the water.

  • We deposit the waste generated in the appropriate place and with the necessary security measures.

  • We control that the air conditioning equipment in the rooms has optimal temperatures for comfort and energy efficiency, with smart sensors.

  • We use LED lights that consume approximately 75% less energy and have a 25 times longer life. We install presence detectors or timers in walkways, such as corridors and toilets, seeking energy efficiency.

  • Installation of filtered water machines in our colivings to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. From March 2022 to today, we have avoided the use of 1,942 plastic bottles.

With Our Society

At Sweet Accommodations we are creators of initiatives in which we seek to have a direct social impact in our closest community.

Through collaborations with local organizations and associations, we seek ways to add value from our position and with our resources.

We have created a Training Program for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in our Coliving in Barcelona, which lasts for 9 months and began in December 2020.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we turned our hostel into a Social Hostel, hosting 19 homeless people for 6 months.

Sweet Accommodations with Abrazo Cultural


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Education Program for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

We feel that immigration is often seen as a crisis, a problem and an invasion.

Much of our authorities and media create a negative stigma in society towards the immigrant community. They position the immigrant person as in need of help, beneficiaries of the system, passive agents in need of compassion.

Many immigrants face discrimination from the system. The process of integrating into the workforce is very difficult, especially when there is a lack of connections and community. Belonging to an integrated ecosystem is practically nul.

Immigration is a natural and inherent human movement. However, the debate mostly revolves around how to stop or prevent it.

From this premise, our proposal was born to promote social entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial attitude among the immigrant community in Barcelona, through our training program at CoImpact Coliving.

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