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By Gian Franco Mercado / Updated: 22/02/2021

Barcelona’s good weather invites us to enjoy open spaces, therefore we have selected our favorite parks and gardens so you can spend some time with friends and family, have a picnic, practice sports and activities, or simply relax and read a book while connecting with nature. 

Ciutadella Park

The Ciutadella Park has lots to offer, including a small lake where you can rent rowboats and a stunning water fountain. This is the spot in Barcelona where locals practice sports and activities like juggling and slackline, or just listen to music relaxing in the lawn.

You will also find ping pong tables, children’s playground and the Barcelona Zooperfect for a family day out.

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BCN Parks and Gardens

Barcelona’s Botanical Garden

You’ll find this stunning Botanical Garden on Montjuic’s mountain, where you can see different types of vegetation from 5 regions around the world where the climate is similar to the Mediterranean. The collection of flora is grouped by geography: Canary Islands, California, Chile, South Africa and Australia. The garden’s research and conservation is associated to Barcelona’s Science Museum, and the researches and collections are open to visitors. A very educational and relaxing experience, with beautiful city views!

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botanical park

Park Güell

This is by far Barcelona’s most iconic park and one of the most visited monuments in the world! Designed by the world famous architect Antoni Gaudi it was originally thought off as high standing housing for the Güell family, surrounded by natural beauty, with the latest technological advances for the best comfrot and high artistic quality. 

This park is also sustainable: the famous tiles of the Monumental Area were recycled from other constructions, and the columns harvest rain water to fill the park’s reservoir. Definitely a must see!

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Park de l’Estació del Nord

This very artistic park in the area of Fort Pienc combines decorative sculptures and green areas.

Constructed where the old railway station Nord used to be, the park has two sculptures created by the North American artist Beverly Pepper, who used the natural lines as an inspiration for her artworks: “Fallen Sky” and “Spiral of Trees” that clearly have been inspired by Gaudi’s work.

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barcelona parks and gardens

Pedralbe’s Palace Park

The Pedralbes Palace was the residence of the Spanish Royal Family during their visits to Barcelona in the 17th century, therefore, you’ll find one of the most beautiful gardens in Barcelona, combining French and English style.

As you stroll around the paths, you’ll find many rare species of vegetation, centenary trees and a very important collection of Himalayan cedars, not to mention several sculptures and fountains – one of them, “Font d’ Hercules” designed by Gaudí!

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garden park

Espanya Industrial Park

Located in the neighborhood of Sants, this park used to be an industrial area occupied by a complex of a textile factory popularly known as “Vapor Nou” (New Steam).

The park was designed by architect Luis Peña Ganchegui, inspired by the elements of fire, water and earth. Besides the green area you’ll see 9 lighthouse towers, designed by the architect himself,  the sculptures of Neptune (by Manuel Fluxà,1881) and Venus (by José Pérez,1929) and a very impressive metal Dragon sculpture, by basque sculptor Andrés Nagel.

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Cervantes Park

The rose garden at Cervantes Park displays over 10.000 rose bushes, with 233 different varieties of this flower. When the roses bloom, not only you get a beautiful view, but you can also smell the amazing perfume!

The park has great shaded areas with benches and a magnificent view of Barcelona. Plenty of open spaces, wide paths and gentle slopes make this park a favorite among cyclists and runners.

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park and garden

Horta’s Laberint Park

Built in 1794, this is the oldest park that remains in Barcelona, with a neoclassical garden from XVIII century, a romantic garden from XIX century, and of course, a labyrinth! Losing yourself through the gardens you’ll find references of Greek mythology in sculptures and fountains, and the labyrinth itself references the Minotaur’s legend. Do you dare?

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park and garden
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As you can see, Barcelona has plenty of parks and gardens to discover. Go out and enjoy nature in this amazing city! 

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