Guide for public transport in Barcelona

Public transport in Barcelona

Barcelona city has one of the best public transport services in the European community and at a very reasonable price. The city inhabitants, travelers, and visitors in general can travel almost to any place in Barcelona without the need of taking their own vehicles. The public transport in Barcelona is reliable and secure. 

The different rate card modes available make the public transport in Barcelona one of the most economical ways to move around the city.Beginning on January 1st 2020, the Authority for Metropolitan Transport presents a new rate scheme for public transport in Barcelona with the following objectives:

  • Favor regular users.
  • Reduce pollutant emissions by attracting new public transport users from private means of transport.
  • Simplify the range of tariffs.

Another advantage that we can find is the variety of ways of transport that this service integrates, for example, buses, metro, trains (known as cercanías), railways (known as ferrocarriles Catalanes), tram, funicular, etc.

Guide for public transport in Barcelona

At Sweet BCN Accommodations we always try to give our guests the most current and valuable information, so that they can enjoy their trip and vacations in an easier and more comfortable way. For this, we have prepared this guide for public transport in Barcelona, its means, rates, and schedules.

public transport in Barcelona


Tickets and types of cards available

Point of a sale of tickets and cards TMB (Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona): Machines and ticket counters at the metro stations, train stations, and tram. Also, bus drivers, tobacco shops, lottery and newspaper kiosks.

Single Ticket: For a single trip. With the Zone 1 single ticket, you have 75 minutes between the first and second ticket validation. This means that you have a 75 minute timeframe from the moment you validate your ticket, to make a transfer or change of transportation means. This time period increases to 15 minutes for each extra zone (price: 2,20€). This ticket is not valid in the metro stations for Airport T1 and T2 of the L9 line. 

T-Casual: 10-trip, one-person card. It can be used by anyone who carries it, but does not allow the trip of more than one person at a time (price: 11,35€).

T-Usual: personalized card for unlimited trips for 30 days. It must be accompanied by the ID of the holder and cannot be used by anyone else (price: 40€).

T-Grup: multi-person card for 70 trips in 30 days, with the same price per trip as the T-casual (price: 79,45€).

T-familiar: multi-person card to make 8 trips in 30 consecutive days (price: 10€).

T-Joven: Ticket for people under 25 years old that allows you to travel unlimited during 90 days in all of the integrated means of transport (price: 80€). This ticket must be accompanied by an identification document. This ticket is valid in the metro stations for Airport T1 and T2 of the L9 line.

T-Día: Personal card valid for a full day (24 hours) and unlimited trips in all means of transport (price: 10,50€). This ticket allows one trip from or to the metro stations for Airport T1 and T2 of the L9 line. 

If you want to know more about the terms of use of the tickets, click here.  

Map, lines, and schedules of the Barcelona Metro

The Barcelona metro consists of 11 metro lines with 165 stations with a route covering over 123 kilometers. See below the listing of metro lines:

  • Line Nº1 (red).- Hospital Bellvitge – Fondo
  • Line Nº2 (purple).- Parallel – Badalona Centre
  • Line Nº3 (dark green).- Zona Universitaria – Trinitat Nova
  • Line Nº4 (yellow).- La Pau -Trinitat Nova
  • Line Nº5 (dark blue).- Cornellá Centre – Vall d´Hebron
  • Line Nº6 (violet).- Barcelona Plaza Catalunya – Reina Elisenda
  • Line Nº7 (brown).- Barcelona Plaza Catalunya – Avinguda Tibidabo
  • Line Nº8 (pink).- Barcelona Plaza Espanya – Moli Nou/Ciutat Cooperativa
  • Line Nº9 Nord (orange).- Sagrera – Can Zam
  • Line Nº 9 Sud (orange).- Airport T1 – Zona Universitaria
  • Line Nº10 Nord (light blue).- Sagrera – Gorg
  • Line Nº 10 Sud (light blue).- Foc – Collblanc
  • Line Nº11 (green).- Trinitat Nova – Can Cuiàs

Video of the evolution of the metro lines in Barcelona

Metro schedule in Barcelona:

  • From Sunday to Thursday (and holidays): from 05:00 to 00:00 hrs.
  • On Fridays and days before holidays: from 05:00 to 02:00 hrs.
  • On Saturdays: continued uninterrupted service (24 hours).
  • December 24th: until 23 hours. 

The metro stations closest to Sweet BCN Accommodations are:

Main bus lines and schedules in Barcelona

Buses in Barcelona circulate approximately from 05:30 until 23:00 hours (depending on the line its route could end at 22:00 hours), with an estimated frequency between 7 and 20 minutes (depending on day and time of the week). You may consult exact schedules at the different bus stops or at the TMB website.

public transport in Barcelona

You can also use the night buses from approximately 22:00 hours until 05:30 hours, with an estimated frequency of 30 minutes.

The bus stops located closest to Sweet BCN Accommodations are:

The bus lines that take you to Plaza Catalunya are 24 and V17 (in about +/- 10 minutes travel time) and to the beaches of La Barceloneta: 39 and V17 (in +/- 25 minutes).

The bus stops which are closest to Sweet BCN Traveller House and CoImpact Coliving are Day buses: 6, 33, 34. Night bus: N7.

Trains (Cercanías de Barcelona) and Railways (Ferrocarriles Catalanes)

With the trains and the railways, people can travel to different neighboring locations to the city of Barcelona in only minutes (Sitges at 35 minutes, Mataró at 30 minutes, etc.).

This public transport in Barcelona connects the city to the rest of its metropolitan area, composed with a total of 15 lines (6 train lines and 9 railway lines), some of them ending their route outside of the limits of the province of Barcelona.

The main stops in the city of Barcelona are Plaza Catalunya and Plaza Espanya.

If you need more information or a map of the Renfe train lines, you can check here and for the ferrocarriles Catalanes  FGC (railways), here. 

The Barcelona Bus Turístic

The touristic bus of the city of Barcelona is the most simple and comfortable transport to discover the Catalan capital in a few days. The touristic company has two-story buses that offer:

3 touristic routes with one single ticket, valid for 1 or 2 consecutive days.

6 connecting points between the lines, to combine the 3 routes of the touristic bus.

45 stops at main touristic attractions. (Barcelona Futbol Stadium, Plaza Espanya, Plaza Cataluña, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, …).

Audioguide with 16 languages: catalán, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian … 

Service timetable (Barcelona Bus Turístic):

  • Red and Blue route: Monday to Sunday, all year long.
  • 9h to 19h in winter / 9h to 20h in summer.
  • Green route: Monday to Sunday, from 30th March to 2nd November.
  • Winter: 9h to 19h. / Summer: 9h to 20h.
  • Closed: January 1st and December 25th. You may consult in further detail the schedule at the bus stops.

Rates: adults 30€ for one day and 40€ for 2 consecutive days/children from 4-12 years old 16€ for one day and 21€ for 2 consecutive days (babies from 0-3 years old go free). Duration: 2 hours approximately every route, except for the green route which lasts 40 minutes.

You can buy your Turistic bus tickets here. 

More information about the routes and service:

Public transport to the Barcelona “El Prat” Airport

Aerobus A1 (to Terminal 1) and A2 (to Terminal 2), at Plaza de Catalunya (in front of the department store Corte Inglés) each 10 minutes approximately. The single trip ticket costs 5,90€ and the return ticket 10,20€. You can buy your tickets clicking here. 

Aerobus (A1 → T1)

Aerobus A1 (to Terminal 1)

Aerobus (A2 → T2)

Aerobus Barcelona A2 (to Terminal 2)

Urban bus 46,stops at Plaza España – Metro line 1 (from Avenue Mistral to the airport to total travel time is approximately 40 minutes). 

RENFE train, at the station Paseo de Gracia (metro stop Paseo de Gracia). 

Transfer by taxi from the city of Barcelona to the airport

Telephone numbers to call a taxi: 93 322 2222 / 93 303 3033 (if you prefer, our guest experience team may reserve a taxi at the time you ask, you only have to let us know in advance).

Barcelona has a great taxi service, with vehicles in excellent conditions and very competitive rates in relation to the rest of European cities.

The average taxi trip from our apartment in Gràcia to Terminal T1 or T2 costs around 35€ – 40€ (depending on traffic, the time, and the amount of luggage you are traveling with).

Montjuic Teleferic (Cablecar)

The Montjuïc Teleferic in Barcelona transfers you in a very attractive and different way to the top of the Montjuïc mountain, a place from which you can enjoy one of the best views of the port, beaches, and historic city of Barcelona.

Route of the Montjuïc Teleferic:
Parc Montjuïc – Viewer (intermediate station) – Montjuïc Castle

Montjuïc Teleferic Schedule:

  • Autumn – Winter: Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 8:00pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00am to 8:00pm.
  • Spring – Summer: Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 10:00pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

Beginning of the Teleferic Route: Station Parc de Montjuïc, Av. Miramar in front of the Municipal Pool of Montjuïc (arrive there with metro L2/L3, and funicular of Montjuïc, Barcelona Bus Turistic or bus 50,55.) Reduced price with the Bus Turistic ticket.

You can buy your Teleferic ticket here.

If you need a detailed map of the public transport in Barcelona (metro, bus, night bus and touristic bus), clik here:

Are you planning your vacation to Barcelona? Are you looking for the best place to stay in the city center? Make sure you view out the options Sweet BCN Accommodations can offer you. You can check them out here or write us an email at  

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