Guide for free parking in Sevilla

hostel en el centro de Sevilla. Photo by Henrique Ferreira

At Sweet Accommodations, we like our clients to make the most of their stay, therefore we consider that “wasting time” looking for a parking space should not be part of the itinerary of any trip.

The need to share this article with you is reflected in the recurring questions we receive about it.

Where can I find free parking in Seville?

We start by telling you that finding a free parking space in the center of Seville is not an easy task. It is complicated since the historic center is made up of star streets, parking bans for non-residents and access restrictions.

The city center, unlike other large urban centers, is perfectly passable on foot and the distances are not high, so you can perfectly walk about 45 minutes and see a large part of the emblematic places.

Surely we are not the first to tell you this, and you have already decided to come by car, so the question you are trying to solve is: What are the recommended free parking spaces in Seville? Well, thanks to our experience living and driving in the city, we share with you the following options.

parking sevilla

Free Parking in Sevilla

When entering the center of Seville by car, you will see to your surprise that there are no areas marked with blue, yellow or green stripes or at least not in the vast majority of the streets, it also depends on the entrance area.

The parking spaces known as the blue zone are free only on Sundays and holidays for all vehicles (local and foreign) but not from Friday to Saturday. Even so, they are not characterized by their large number of places and even less by availability.

As you can imagine, finding parking areas in the streets of the center that are not blue zones, or are marked with the well-known loading and unloading is a complicated task since they tend to fill up quickly, so it is better to look around the areas of the city ​​that are less busy to be able to find parking spaces in Seville.

However, our recommendation is always that you try not to access the historic center by vehicle, since not even the GPS will be reliable in these streets so narrow and with such ambiguous directions in constant change.

The center of Seville is a labyrinth, with access bans, 45-minute limits to enter and exit, expensive fines for exceeding the parking time and sense obligations that can take you much further than if you had parked elsewhere.

At peak times finding parking will be almost impossible. So try to schedule your arrival outside of these rush hours. It will not even be easy in places where there are a large number of parking spaces.

parking sevilla

Here is a list of areas where you can park for free in Seville

San Vicente Neighborhood

It would be the closest to the center of Seville and includes Torneo street, which runs along the Guadalquivir river to the Alameda de Hércules. It is an old neighborhood, with narrow streets and low buildings.

It has the disadvantage of having several faculties, such as Dentistry and Nursing, as well as public buildings whose officials park in this area.

It is a very large and wide avenue, with many parking lots, but you have to be lucky and find someone leaving.

From here there are about 15 or 20 minutes walking to the center and it is a nice walk. On Torneo street there are ‘gorillas’. Give him something, you just saved 20 euros per day.

 San Julián Neighborhood

To get to this neighborhood we must enter the small and winding streets of the center of Seville. We are very close to the former neighborhood and that of La Macarena.

We have large avenues such as María Auxiliadora and Calle Muñoz León, where it will be easier to find a place to park in Seville.

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Suites: 10 minutes on foot

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Hostel: 25 minutes on foot

Close to Santa Justa Station

After María Auxiliadora street, we can search from Arroyo street, belonging to the Fontanal neighborhood.

There are large streets that surround the Seville train station. Here it may be easier to find a place to leave your car during your stay in the city. And also you will not be far from the nerve center.

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Suites: 20 minutes on foot

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Hostel: 30 minutes on foot

María Luisa Park

The María Luisa Park is just behind the Plaza de España. In this area there are large land lots where parking will be easier. We can find them on Porvenir Street, Borbolla Avenue and Cardenal Bueno Monreal Street.

This neighborhood is a little further from the center of Seville, but it also has streets with less traffic.

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Suites: 30-40 minutes on foot

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Hostel: 20 minutes on foot

Macarena Neighborhood

In this neighborhood we can find streets in the shape of a labyrinth and other wider ones, with free parking and in a blue zone. Beyond the wall there are many parking areas.

It is a bit further from the center than the first ones we have named, but there is a good connection with public transport from the avenues of Miraflores and the Red Cross.

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Suites: 12 minutes on foot

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Hostel: 30 minutes on foot

Isla de la Cartuja

This area is located right in front of Torneo street. We must use the bridges to access it.

This is also an area saturated on weekdays by the presence of institutions and various public institutes. There are several areas, although where there are more parking lots is on Avenida de Carlos III.

From here you can get to the center with lines C-1 and C-2, as well as bus 6

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Suites: 15 minutes on foot

Distance to Sweet Sevilla Hostel: 30 minutes on foot

seguro de viaje

If your trip is at Easter or during the April Fair, I would tell you not to go by car or be clear that you will have to pay for parking, as these are dates when the city is very full.

As you can see, to park in Seville you have two options. The first is to arm yourself with patience and find a free space or reserve a parking space and not worry about the vehicle anymore.

In the case that you stay at Sweet Sevilla Suites, if you want to park near the hotel in a paid place, we will recommend the PARKING SABA CONCORDIA. You can park for € 30 per night. Please let us know in advance if you need a parking space and we will organize it for you.

We hope that this article has been interesting for your trip to this beautiful city!

If you still do not have your accommodation booked, do not hesitate to write to us at and we will be happy to send you our best rates!

See you soon!

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